Harvey Milk Foundation

The Harvey Milk Foundation (HMF) is one of the worlds leading global non-profit organizations that promotes Harvey Milk’s inspiring legacy through human rights education and global outreach. In 1977, Harvey Milk became the first openly LGBT elected official to a major office in the United States. He was assassinated in San Francisco’s City Hall 11 months later however his clear message of hope has endured The volunteer led foundation was founded by Harvey’s nephew, Stuart Milk, and Anne Kronenberg, Harvey’s campaign manager and political aide. Today, the Harvey Milk Foundation provides on-the-ground support and award-winning programing to struggling and emerging LGBT communities on six continents with a team of dedicated volunteer leaders, and long-term partnerships in 31 nations.

The Foundation’s successful accomplishments include ground-breaking campaigns from establishing of the annual Harvey Milk Day state holiday in California, the induction of Harvey into the California Hall of Fame, the posthumous award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the first openly LGBT person to be given the historic honors of both the naming of a naval vessel – the United States Naval Ship (USNS) Harvey Milk in 2016 and a postage stamp in 2014 – the Harvey Milk United States Forever postage stamp. The Foundation has been so trusted as to be given the rare distinction of officially co-hosting several events President Obama at the White House, including the Harvey Milk Champion of Change Award, the first ever White House summit on global LGBT rights, the Harvey Milk Stamp issuance ceremony, and the USNS Harvey Milk naming ceremony with the Pentagon. In Europe, Asia, and in South America, the Foundation has organized and hosted historic international conferences on the intersection of human rights and economic prosperity, often while putting in place ongoing support to local, emerging and struggling LGBT communities.

HMF has worked side by side with the US State Department, the European Union, Human Rights Defenders the Organization of American States and the United Nations. The Foundation has provided key support for several historic LGBT rights collaborations from last year’s first ever Mexican national LGBT summit in Cuernavaca to the Cross-Atlantic Conference in Milan, Italy, and the historic first-ever LGBT Pride in Vietnam. The Foundation continues to lead efforts to have the legacy of Harvey Milk taught in public schools, memorialized on LGBT Centers, monuments, parks, and on streets. The Foundation provides regular commentary as a featured contributor on US national television including MSNBC, NBC, PBS and on international media from Televisa to VTN to the BBC.

The Foundation and its leadership have received numerous distinguished awards and recognitions. Our organizations inspiring leaders have spoken in front of over 100,000 primary and secondary students in 22 nations to date, spreading the message that inclusion and diversity is an essential ingredient for individual and collective success. The vital work of the Foundation Harvey inspired, like his life story, is resonating around the globe, stronger each day, bringing us that much closer to the dream of full equality, un-qualified. For more information on the Harvey Milk Foundation, please visit: www.MilkFoundation.org, and follow all of the Foundation’s activities around the world on Facebook and Twitter.